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Cream of pumpkin soup with coconut foam and roasted pumpkin seeds
7,90 €

Lamb's lettuce with pancetta (bacon) and croutons with balsamic dressing
small / big 8,90 € / 13,90 €

Lamb's lettuce with duck liver, fig mustard, parmesan, beetroot and grapes with balsamic dressing
18,90 €

Stone oven pizza bianca with slices of veal, arugula, caper fruit and tuna cream
19,90 €

Stone oven pizza with goat cheese, grilled mediterranean vegetables and arugula
19,90 €

Tagliatelle with venison ragout and chestnuts
18,90 €

Venison goulash cut from the leg with cranberries, apple-red cabbage, chestnuts and hazelnut gnocchi
22,90 €

Goose leg on goose jus with apple-red cabbage, butter gnocchi and chestnuts
29,90 €

Roast wild boar in porcini mushroom sauce with apple and red cabbage, butter gnocchi and chestnuts
25,90 €


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