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Pick-up: 11.30-21 o´clock
Delivery: 12-14 or 17-21 o´clock

Delivery areas:
Weststadt, Südstadt, Bergheim, Bahnstadt *
* From an order value over 50, - € 
we also deliver to Neuenheim and Rohrbach, 
and from 100,- € in the whole 
Heidelberg city area. 

Cream of asparagus soup with asparagus ragout and wild garlic pesto
7,90 €

"Asparagus alla Milanese" with Parmesan, Prosciutto di Parma, served with fried egg with fresh truffle and melted butter
16,90 €

Lasagna with asparagus, salmon and wild garlic
11,90 €

Mixed salad with asparagus ragout, prosciutto di parma, strawberries, buffalo mozzarella and boiled egg with balsamic dressing
14,90 €

Mixed salad with fresh spinach, sea bass fillet, salmon, prawns and grilled polpo with balsamic raspberry dressing
16,90 €

Stone oven pizza "Bianca" with asparagus, prosciutto cotto, rocket and Hollandaise sauce
14,90 €

Stone oven pizza with salmon, cherry tomatoes, asparagus and wild garlic
14,90 €

Tagliatelle with chicken breast strips, pancetta and wild garlic pesto
14,90 €

Creamy risotto with pancetta, duetto of asparagus alla crema and strawberries
16,90 €

Grilled lamb medallions with red wine sauce, mediterranean vegetables and rosemary trills, served with a side salad
24,90 €

Grilled polpo marinated with lemon olive oil served with spinach risotto and side salad
24,90 €

Loup de mer with fresh truffle and asparagus risotto, served with side salad
24,90 €

Mousse au chocolat with fresh strawberries
8,90 €

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